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About Us


We are a private company operating from Canton de Vaud, Switzerland. Our company specializes in research, development and commercialization of medical device products. Using advanced technology and the expertise of scientific minds we are continually searching for the most valuable discoveries in the medical community in order to bring them to our clients.   By valuable discoveries, we are referring to innovations that deliver incredible results for patients, with little to no risks or discomfort. Currently, Suisselle is concentrating largely on aesthetic medicine in particular, including revolutionary skincare treatments. However, we will soon be expanding to provide highly effective, non-invasive solutions for orthopedic needs as well.


The Suisselle Approach

We use innovative and modern research and development techniques to create effective products that surpass superior standards in safety, quality, and control. At Suisselle, we aim to raise the bar in the use of science and technology to address aesthetic needs through non-invasive and minimally invasive products and procedures, as well as to develop high-quality solutions for aesthetic medicine and orthopedic needs. In the past, achieving lasting aesthetic results would often mean undergoing invasive cosmetic treatments such as intensive plastic surgeries and other procedures that require long healing and recovery periods. Our goal is to uncover the latest medical devices and treatments that work with the natural processes in the body in order to improve health and beauty. Our products safely reveal the body’s hidden potential.

Our Mission and Vision

We are committed to providing world-class service and high-quality products that will best fulfill our clients’ aesthetic desires. To achieve this objective, we are guided by four principles:

  • - Constant improvement of processes and products through innovation
  • - Strict adherence to high standards of quality, safety, and control
  • - Stringent testing of products for maximum effectiveness and sustainability
  • - Thorough knowledge of the market and the current needs of customers

We are dedicated to satisfying the needs of our customers through advanced research and development processes and procedures, while placing a firm emphasis on the safety and effectiveness of all our products and treatments. We are also staunch believers that through science and innovation, absolute beauty can be achieved.

Our Commitment to Our Clients:

Our team strives to satisfy each and every client not only by delivering superior products, but also through useful information and support. We are always available to provide recommendations and additional information regarding each and every one of our innovative products and treatments. If you would like to stay up-to-date regarding all of the latest breakthroughs in the industry, as well as the latest products and treatments available, we invite you to sign up for the Suisselle newsletter below.

At Suisselle, we are passionate about innovative ideas, beauty, and science.

At Suisselle
we are passionate about
innovative ideas,
beauty and



Suisselle is an industry leader in creating cutting-edge products that use pattented technology to maximize the effectiveness. Our products were developed over years of innovative results-oriented research to ensure the high quality and safety of every treatment and skin care product.

Dermal Filler: Apriline Normal


Apriline® Normal is our most versatile filler in the Apriline® line, as it is formulated to correct moderate to severe wrinkles and depressions throughout many areas of the face, the only exception being the areas adjacent to the eyes. It is easy to administer with very little to no discomfort for the client. Like other Apriline products, Apriline Normal delivers radiant and revitalized skin. The results are immediate and the effects are long lasting.

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Dermal Filler: Apriline Forte


Apriline® Forte was designed to provide deep treatments for multiple facial areas. It can be used to smoothen out depressions, even out contours and address deeper wrinkles and folds. This treatment is ideal for individuals in need of more intensive, long-lasting correction.

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Dermal Filler: Apriline Hydro


Apriline® Hydro is our specially developed biorevitalizer that addresses the skin’s tone and elasticity. The mesotherapy treatments quickly and noticeably improve the texture and appearance of aged skin. This product was designed to make the skin look and feel naturally younger, with a healthy glowing appearance, instantly upon first procedure.

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Suisselle invests in the highest quality ingredients to create the finest products on the market, and continues to uphold these standards via a highly controlled manufacturing process.



January 28-31, 2016
March 31- April 2, 2016
Monte-Carlo, Monaco
April 12-14, 2016
June 16-18, 2016
San Paulo, Brazil
IMCAS ASIA 2016, Booth B
July 29-31, 2016
Tapei, Taiwan



PDF – COMING OUT THIS MONTH –in Anti-Age magazine “Beautiful lips with Apriline” ( Docteurs N.P. Mikhailova et Didier Dubois ) March 2015 ISSUE 18 Pgs 76-77
Technical advice from experts in the field on how to get great results using APRILINE® Normal for lip enhancement- the end result natural looking, beautiful lips.


PDF – ALSO CHECK OUT- PRIME MAGAZINE – “HA Filler treatment of infraorbital dark circles”

Theres an easy, non-invasive way to get rid of unwanted under eye circles that cause one to look drawn and tired as we age. Expert, Dr Paraskevov explains why using APRILINE® hyaluronic acid fillers is an effective solution for the treatment of under-eye dark circles.


PDF – APRILINE HA Dermal Fillers Correct Complex Areas

By Didier Dubois, M.D., and Ludmila Soboleva, M.D.


PDF – Needle or Cannula by Dr. Didier Dubois, Mesotherapy magazine, #25, 2015


PDF – / January – February 2016











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Thank you for your interest in Suisselle. To receive more information regarding any of our innovative products, including our hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, please contact us directly or submit the online contact form found at the bottom of this page. A representative will be in touch with you very soon.





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